Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I Will Bust a Cap in Some Nightmares

If you live in a questionable neighborhood or have curious children in the house, this bed may be your savior. The BedBunker is basically a 1,300 lb. strongbox made of 10-gauge steel designed to replace the box spring under a twin, queen or king size mattress. This treasure chest is fireproof up to 1,533 degrees based on their testing, which should make it ideal for protecting important documents, jewelry and "other valuables" (read: porn and/or secret cross-dressing accoutrements), but the company has instead positioned it as an effective way to protect your vast collection of firearms, up to 32 rifles or 70 hand guns. Because most Americans have well over 32 rifles on hand and can't seem to find the storage space. You can purchase one of these bad boys from $2,200 to $4,000 depending on bed size.

I pity the cat burgler who stumbles upon the homeowner with one of these. *click click* thug liiiiiife ...

Source VIA Oh Gizmo

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