Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Before They Were Famous: Seth Green, Keanu Reeves, Jack Black, Ben Affleck

Oh. My. Sweet. Virgin. Mary. In. A. Rowboat.

It's always entertaining to see early TV work from stars like Seth Green, Jack Black, Keanu Reeves and Ben Affleck, but these early commercials are 1) humiliating for celebrities today and 2) comedy gold. View more of these tasty comedy morsels at here.

Here's an old Nerf commercial with Seth Green. Take note of the hair. It stood out much more than "eyebrows" there with him.

And here's a Kellogg's commercial with Keanu Reeves. I'm really shocked to see he didn't bust out with one, "Whoa, this is great cereal, whoa."

Here's an adolescent Jack Black promoting Pitfall for Atari. (Yep, you're THAT old.)

And here's a young Ben Affleck perfecting his Masters of Douche degree in TV for Burger King.

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