Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Hell Yes: Coghlan's Cooler Light

Tired of fishing through an ice chest of bitingly frigid water in search of the coveted last Michelob Ultra? Well, now you can use Coghlan's Cooler Light to aid in your carbless journey. Available on Amazon for a measly eight bucks, this LED cooler light easily attaches under the lid of your ice chest and automatically turns on when you open the lid. Now you can really see what's been floating around in that water all day and night. (e.g. bugs, bras, june bugs, dachchunds, etc.)

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Linda Pond said...

Thanks for the great review of The Cooler Light! My daughter Rhonda and myself are co-inventors of this most innovative yet very simple idea. How come nobody thought of this before? I bet everybody THOUGHT of it, but nobody DID anything. Until we did something. Very excited for the future of this and other great new products. Linda Pond, President, Customer Connects