Monday, February 25, 2008

Jimmy Kimmel Gets Sarah Silverman Back

Oh man, this is good times. 

A few weeks ago, Sarah Silverman decided to let Jimmy Kimmel know she was f#$%ing Matt Damon with a little music video she produced and aired on Jimmy Kimmel Live. You can see the video here.

Well, Jimmy Kimmel decided to get Sarah and Matt Damon back. And I literally spit water out of my mouth in excited joy while watching this star-studded cast in "I'm f@#%ing Ben Affleck."

You will not believe the stars in this video -- and since it pays homage to "We Are the World" -- it's number one on my "I'm f@#%ing whoever" videos. 

SNL Back, Forgot Funny Material

This weekend, SNL returned to television, and incidentally was the first new non-talk show to air since the ending of the writers' strike. All of America expected some pent up comedic material to shake us fans to our very core. And by 'shaken to the very core' I mean funny enough to cause us to piss ourselves. Unfortunately, all it compelled me to do was consider changing the channel to Rock of VD II or the Dog Whisperer.

The opening monologue had great energy because Tina Fey was the special guest star, and there was also a little cameo from SNL alum Steve Martin, which was refreshing. Unfortunately, there wasn't one really funny bit. Even the digital short was disappointing. Weekend News Update was entertaining, since ex-governor Mike Huckabee made a guest appearance, but overall, I wasn't impressed. 

Of course their opening bit was the much-anticipated political satire we expected -- especially considering that the Democratic nomination is neck and neck between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. (Apparently, they auditioned many actors for the Obama impersonation.) Portraying Clinton was a funny Amy Poehler and non-African-American actor, Fred Armisen, ended up taking the mostly non-speaking role of Obama. I chuckled a few times, but never really cracked up. That makes me sad. 

Now, if I were writing for SNL -- I'd have a bit called "Obama Keeping it Real." It would begin with Clinton and Obama standing side by side at a debate. When Clinton starts to get all shrill, Obama decides to "keep it real" ala Chapelle Show and just goes Samuel L. Jackson bat shit crazy on her. 

Maybe the writers need a few sugar free Redbulls, a smack with my heavy pimp hand and another weekend to recoop. Or maybe we just set our standards too high. 

Photos courtesy of AP/MSNBC

Kristen Chenoweth Shines, Miley Cyrus Slips

Okay, there are three things you should know about me. 

1) I love, love, loooove Kristen Chenoweth. 
2) I think Sean Connery in the 3rd Indy flick was hot. 
3) Sometimes I'm plagued with flatulence. 

#3 was probably TMI.

But seriously, I love Kristen Chenoweth. I'm one voodoo doll made purely of her hair and laundry lint short of stalking her just because she's so talented and cute, and I could probably fit her in my purse. 

So for those of you obsessed Kristen Chenoweth fans, here is a tasty morsel of her performance on the Oscars(R) last night. She's singing "That's how you know" from the movie Enchanted.

Oh yeah, and Miley Cyrus almost ate it while walking to the podium to present. LMAO.

Photo courtesy of Yahoo. Thanks.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Diamonds Aren't a Girl's Best Friend After All

Friday, February 22, 2008

Nein! Nein!

Feast your eyes and all your pent up WWII anger on a web site dedicated to cats that look like Hitler.

Personally, I think Hitler paved the way for the all-too-famous Emo Hair SweepTM.