Saturday, April 25, 2009

I Heart SW Airlines

I don't know about all o' ya'll, but I've flown quite a bit. I get tired of the same old, "Please note that your seats are flotation devices and that we charge cash for booze," etc. - so Southwest has been allowing their flight attendants to 'freestyle' their pre-flight schpeels, which ends up being a quasi-stand-up routine slash variety show.

A few years ago I flew to the East Coast from Cali and the flight attendant gave the 'anti-schpeel'. The flamboyant gentleman proceeded to make statements like "Ladies and gentlemen, if you're flying with children today, we're ... very ... sorry for you." It was awesome. Below are a few rapping / singing flight attendants.

Here is DJ SWA flippin' the script:

Funny flight pre-flight message:

Funny landing message (begins at about :55):

Photo: Here

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