Thursday, February 26, 2009

Mickey Doyle's Handy Dandy Guide to Grossing out the Public with an Infomercial

Here is Mickey Doyle's Handy Dandy Guide to Grossing Out the Public with an Infomerical:

Step One: Introduce a product that scrapes, files, clips or tweezes any part of the human body.

Step Two: Actually demonstrate said actions (e.g. filing, clipping, tweezing, scraping) on parts of body ON CAMERA for all the viewers to enjoy.

Step Three: Display side-by-side comparison photographs of a busted-up body part that hasn't used the product and a photograph of a nice beautiful body part that has used the product.

Step Four: Repeat all three steps for 8 minutes straight. With old ladies.

Case in point : Ped-Egg.

There are just so many things wrong with this infomercial - all of which having nothing to do with with the part where someone dumps 12 ounces of pure foot dust/shavings/nastiness onto a towel.

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