Friday, August 28, 2009

Today's WTF: The Snuggie

For those of you loyal Snuggie owners or Snuggie Sapiens™, as I like to call you, there is a new online guide to having relations while including your now iconic blanket robe. You can check out the Snuggie Sutra HERE.

I'm not sure if the creators of the Snuggie Sutra site know this, but the target demo for Snuggie consumers is something like 45-65 year-old librarians who utilize book lights and watch reruns of Murder She Wrote. But I'm sure they'll be all over this new Snuggie resource though. Especially if they find themselves in the throes ... with a Snuggie on hand ... while taking the subway or relaxing on a park bench. Knowledge is power. And possibly a misdemeanor.

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