Thursday, August 27, 2009

Dexter Season 4: Pre-air Leak of Episode 1!

Those of you rowdy Dexter fans out there - hold on to your butts.

Apparently, Dexer's first episode of Season 4, "Living the Dream," has been leaked online. Scheduled to air on September 27 on Showtime, this premiere episode was posted online a few days ago for only a few hours before Showtime caught on and had it pulled from the Net. Wow, did I really use the term, "Net?" Hello, 1993!

Showtime may have pulled the original posting, but not before 2,000 torrent users had a chance to make it their own and seed it online. There's no telling how long it will stay posted - but you can watch the full first episode of Season 4 here or here. Enjoy.

You'll especially enjoy the fun 'pseudo opening'.

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Watch Dexter Season 4 Online said...

Cool, yep you can watch it here.. Also posted on :-D
Kinda wished I did'nt watch it so early as I had to wait weeks to see the 2nd ep!