Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Today's WTF: Sully's Flight

You know, I don't usually go on rants regarding the unraveling of the fabric of society - until now. I give you Laminar Research. Laminar decided to create an iPhone app simulating the 'interesting' landing of Chesley Sullenberger's plane safely onto the Hudson River. In fact it simulates, in real time, the actual flight path of 'Sully's Flight'. 

That's all fine and dandy if you want to play "Flight of the Navigator" with one of history's most heroic events, but - REALLY? Because if you don't succeed playing this app, you crash the plane and your simulated people die in a firey death. 

Here is one of the first reviews on iTunes regarding this app: 
Stop complaining about [hitting] the birds and crash that is the point of the app! Very cool.
Seriously? Does anybody find this to be a little poor in taste besides me - or am I just disgruntled because I haven't eaten? The plane actually suffers engine failure as a result of a bird strike and features the actual audio communication between air traffic control and US Airways Flight 1549. 

The clincher is that they're charging 99 cents to purchase the app. They're capitalizing on something that could have turned out horrible. What's next? An app called "The Chris Brown Beat Down?" That's an app where you can either be in control of Chris Brown's heavy pimp hand or you can fight back by controlling Rihanna. I mean, it's okay to create that app because she didn't die, right? Here's an even better one - let's create an app called "Schindler's List" where you can use your accelerometer to safely guide Jews into Schindler's Factory of Life - but don't be detected by the Gestapo or GAME OVER. This app rules because the real Jews in Schindler's factory lived, right? 

Jesus, folks. Let's use some tact when thinking of "games" we can play on our iPhone. I mean, I like a good More Cowbell app or Dizzy Bee app just as much as the next guy, but that's where my fascination stops. I don't need to guide a crashing plane to a soft landing or help save a baby seal from being clubbed on my phone to pass the time while I'm waiting for my car to be washed.

Source: TMZ

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