Thursday, March 19, 2009

His Brother Darryl Really Is A D*ck

Whatdoyaknow? For those of you familiar with Dane Cook's "Harmful if Swallowed" comedy album, you should be familiar with the BK Lounge skit where he -- very emphatically says: "My brother Darryl, he was the manager [of Burger King] - I thought he would hook me up; HE WAS A D*CK." 

Well guess what? Turns out he was. Dane Cook's half brother, Darryl, has been indicted by a grand jury for allegedly stealing millions from King of all D-Bags™.

His older bro was charged with eight counts of larceny over $250, forgery and larceny by continuous scheme. According to prosecutors, McCauley once forged a $3 million check written from Cook's account to himself.

McCauley allegedly pulled off the scheme while Dane paid him $12,500 a month to be his personal business manager. McCauley has denied any wrongdoing. 

Well look who went from a $12,500/month salary to possibly eating fruit salad off the prison room floor?  

ps. What bank teller takes a $3 million check from a customer and goes, "Oh, $3 million. That seems legit." Really.

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