Thursday, March 19, 2009

Comic Nerds Save the Date(s)

Climb out of your underground comic bunker and break out your Wolverine pen with genuine berzerker action - you'll want to write this down. Marvel has released the updated premiere dates for the following movies: 

Iron Man 2 - May 7, 2010
Spider-Man 4 - May 6, 2011
Thor - June 17, 2011
The First Avenger: Captain America - July 22, 2011
The Avengers - May 4, 2012

To answer your first question, yes - you have a few years to hand-sew your Thor costume and weld together your Thor helmet. And yes, you have plenty of time to jump on World of Warcraft and schedule a guild meeting to discuss working your battles and raids around the above dates. 

I'm sorry. That was a broad generalization. Not everybody likes Thor. 

Happy planning!

Source: I Watch Stuff

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